About Us

Cougar Virtual Solutions is a Virtual Service Corporation partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions. We are a valued Partner looking for dedicated individuals to work from home providing inbound customer service for Fortune 500 companies.  

As an Independent Contractor you are Self Employed and you can choose when you work - weekends, evenings or mornings - as well as how many hours you work.  You will have the freedom to schedule your work around your life and spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Cougar Virtual Solutions was founded and owned by Rashmi Lakkaraju.  Cougar Virtual Solutions is always looking for new & existing CSPs to join us.  We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of working from home.

IBO# 145792


Owner's Message

My name is Rashmi and I am the owner of Cougar Virtual Solutions Inc.

I joined Arise Virtual Solutions during my undergrad studies at Queen's University, Kingston. I am also an Immigration Law Practitioner and own an Legal Firm located in Toronto, ON.

Arise has played a huge role in my life and helped me achieve the best work-study-life balance through the last few years. The flexibility of work schedule has been a huge plus point in my life by allowing me work at my own pace and also be financially independent.

When I was looking for work from home jobs, all I came across were companies that either offered outbound sales roles, telesales roles or required to pay a huge upfront cost for opportunities that did not guarantee any stable employment. By the time I came across Arise, I was extremely skeptical about work from home jobs and wanted to ensure that this company was legitimate and was infact going to provide a genuine employment opportunity for me. After doing some research about them, I realized that they are extremely reliable, been around for many decades and that I should give it a try. I am glad I made that decision. I have been with them ever since and have not once found the need to question my decision to work with Arise.

I started Cougar Virtual Solutions in partnership with Arise so that I can help other professionals who are looking for or in need of reliable, stable and flexible work from home opportunities which provide a work-life balance.

To anyone that is interested in working with us, I welcome you to Cougar Virtual Solutions and look forward to working with you.


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